Instant Improver

Pocket Sized Problem Solvers


If only Jay Z had one of these in his wallet, he'd be down to like 42 problems by now.

Men: put down that screwdriver, take off your tool belt and for the love of God step away from that Transit van. As two Massachusetts inventors have designed a range of wallet-sized, multi-purpose tools that could consign B&Q's hardware section to the doll queue.

Launched on Kickstarter, brothers Dave and Calvin Laituri have produced four tools, or 'Tuls' if you will, that are the size of a credit card and the solution to almost all of your every day issues.

From tightening bolts and prying open paint cans to measuring up drill-bits and measuring angles - the Tuls are DIY dynamite. And for the 98% of modern men that feel a little faint at the thought of hard labour, the card-sized lifesavers also solve a raft of first world problems. A safe haven for your earphones, a place to dock your smartphone, store your keys and even open a beer. Because you'll probably want to reward yourself after all that damn hard work.