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A Handy Guide On Pronouncing International Place Names

"Excuse me - could you direct me towards Lie-cest-er Square please?"

There are two responses you can give to this request. You can either play the charming Brit, skipping over the naive phonetic pronunciation typical to all tourists and point them in the right direction, or you can be a dick and reply with a sarcastic "Never heard of it".

While a mean pleasure might lie in the latter option, you'd probably hope that no one would do the same on your own travels. Aware that some locals might take exception to a clumsy attempt on local place names, the worldly minds of Thrillopilia have put together a helpful guide to avoiding any unintentional offence.

They've created a list of 32 places people commonly mispronounce, comparing the common mistakes to their true forms. We've picked out some of the main offenders below - you can see the full list here

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(Images: Thrillophilia)

[Via: Design Taxi]