Zimbabwe's second-biggest city Plans Synchronised Toilet Flush


(23/09/2012) Officials in Zimbabwe's second largest city want its 1 million population to flush their toilets at the same time at 7.30pm on Monday

They hope the resultant drain tidal wave will unblock sewers after days of severe water rationing.

Bulawayo City residents have their water rationed for up to 72 hours each week, which has led to waste accumulating in the sewer network.

"We are going to have a big flush every Monday to push all the waste that would have accumulated during the water rationing." said the city's mayor, Thaba Moyo,

"It means everybody has to flush their toilet at the stipulated time which will be 7.30pm.

"This is done to prevent any sewer blockages as we anticipate longer periods without water in the sewer system."

"We are urging residents to bear with us as this is nobody's fault.

"It's a national problem. Most cities are having water shortages, and we are hoping that the supplies will last until the rainy season and pray that we have good rains."

Bulawayo's two main supply dams have been drying up because of drought conditions, raising fears of worsening water shortages before the rainy season starts in November.

Residents said the whole issue was not properly communicated to them.

Old water pipes have not been replaced in years which saw world record inflation before the formation of a coalition government between long-time president Robert Mugabe and prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai.


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