Woman pretends to be ghost for free parking


A video has emerged apparently showing a woman pretending to be a 'ghost' in order to get a free parking at a car park in Shenzhen, southern China's Hainan Province.

The incident took place at a local scenic spot where the car parking charges are very expensive - 12 Yuan an hour (£1.20 or $2) or 120 Yuan for over night. At around 2am the car, which was remotely controlled by the woman, drove slowly to the exit of the parking lot.

The toll collector, without looking up, holds out his hand for the money, but when he receives none he looks up in surprise. Seeing that there is no driver in the car he goes out to take a closer look. It is at this point that the woman climbs out of the car boot, causing the man to fall down in fear before running off.

The woman then sneaks into the control booth and raises the barrier before driving off without paying.

Images: Rex


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