Woman Joins Search Party Looking For Herself


You would have thought you'd stand a better chance of finding someone you were looking for if they were stood next to you.

But that proved not to be the case in a hilarious incident in Iceland where a woman unwittingly joined a search party who were looking for her. A tourist group travelling by bus through Iceland to the Eldgja canyon made a routine stop where passengers disembarked. The woman in question went inside to use the facilities, change clothes and, when she returned, her busmates failed to recognise her, thinking she was missing. The woman thought that the description of the missing woman was someone else.

Fellow passengers then alerted the leader that one of their number had disappeared and a 50-strong search party was soon combing the area, together with a coast guard scrambling additional people to make a search of his own.

The farcical event only finished at 3am, when one genius amongst the group finally realised that the 'missing' woman had been present the whole time.

Next time, everyone has to wear a name tag, OK?

(Images: Rex/Shutterstock)

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