The 98p store starts a war with Poundland


It's hard not to admire Poundland's refreshing honesty.

Whether you're after multipacks of crisps, kitchen utensils or chipped ornaments of frogs on swings, it's going to cost you £1 an item, simple.

While they might have had a monopoly on the cheaper end of the high street for a good few years, in Staines, Middlesex, a war is brewing. One brave man dared to ask the question that no-one has thought of: what's cheaper than £1? The answer: 98p.

Amarjeet Singh launched the 98p+ store just over the road from a rival Poundland and offers a selection of goods at a slightly cheaper price. But while their basic items are just 98p each, the scoundrels are also offering rugs for up to £150!

Poundland, all is forgiven. The extra 2p an item is worth it.

[via Daily Mail]

(Image: Matt Stewart/INS)


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