Robber asks victim out on date


As Hollywood often tells us, love can strike at the most unlikely times.

And while this usually translates to a sassy journalist falling for the very billionaire she's supposed to be investigating, in real life it can be slightly less film-friendly.

Take John Jardini, a 26-year romantic from Pittsburgh. After going about his business, he met a woman he could never be with. Firstly because his business is robbing and secondly because the woman was his alleged victim.

The woman was getting off a bus when Jardini allegedly robbed her for $60 (£37). Overwhelmed with misguided love, he also demanded she give him her number. He then called her twice to ask if she had a boyfriend and if not, would she like to go out with him.

As the police were close to tracking him down through his phone records, Jardini aimed for a "running through the rain to the airport" moment by assaulting the same woman and her mother.

Love didn't find a way though and he was arrested. If he was played by Matthew McConaughey, this could have worked.

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(Image: Rex Features)


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