New Gadget Converts Stairs to Slide


Do you ever wish that you could invent a product that turns something incredibly boring into something incredibly fun?

Well, Minnesota-based inventor Trisha Cleveland has done just that, by creating a prototype for a foldable product that converts stairs into a slide. It's called the SlideRider and is formed of mats, which have ten pin bowling-style side bumpers to prevent any accidents. It's weighted at the top and bottom to prevent any riders taking the slide down with them, and all-in-all looks like the most fun you can possibly have whilst going from upstairs to downstairs.

If she could just invent a complimentary foldaway ski-lift to run alongside it, then that would be tremendous.

Keep track of the development of the SlideRider by visiting Trisha's Quirky page.

(Images: Quirky)


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