Man uses Jack Nicholson's picture for fake ID


If you're hoping to land yourself a fake ID then it's unarguably important to use physical likeliness to fool the authorities.

In other words, stick with the same race and age if you're hoping to succeed. Thanks to Brazilian thief John Pedro dos Santos, we've now discovered a previously unknown rule to also abide by: never use a fake ID with a photograph of an internationally famous Hollywood actor.

Santos learnt the hard way as he was found with an ID graced with a picture of Jack Nicholson. The 41-year-old man was arrested for trying to open a bank account with the 74-year-old's photo. The original report notes that Santos looks absolutely nothing like the Chinatown star.

He's actually denying all charges and "will only speak in court". He was also found with a variety of other fake identities. None of whom boast any Oscars.

[via Globo]

(Image: Civil Police)


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