Man buys sheep for 33 grand


We don’t know about you, but we reckon this sheep is ‘all that’.

Yep, she’s hot to trot, hence why a farmer from Falkirk has just paid a record-breaking £33,600 ($52,010) for her.

Already knocked up, Elle, named after Elle Macpherson, is an 18-month-old Texel ewe, and has been snapped up by Alasdair Beaton, who’s been breading Texels for 15 years.

Beaton reckons that there are 'certain characteristics' that contribute towards a Texel being a good breeder, and he's hoping to make a mint from his new model.

Elle should seemingly go on to birth record-breakingly pricey lambs and provide fertilised eggs for other less hot sheep, but if all else fails perhaps the lucrative Hollyoaks-style calendars market could be a way to recoup his cash.

Image: Rex


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