Man Arrested Trying To pay With 'Trillion Dollar Bill'


If Homer Simpson cajoling a trillion dollar note into a vending machine has taught us anything, it's that breaking a bill of that size isn't easy.

Which is precisely what one man in South Carolina found recently when, upon finishing a meal at a local Applebee’s restaurant in the town of Sumter, and seeing his debit card declined, he asked to settle the bill with a ‘trillion-dollar bill’.

Clearly not thinking much of 53-year-old Michael Williams’ method of payment for lunch on Valentine’s Day, the restaurant staff phoned the nearest police department and Williams was subsequently arrested.

As fate would have it, Williams was soon let off on charges of attempted fraud and instead charged for an earlier and weightier charge of contempt of magistrate’s court when officers realised he was already a wanted man.

The bond amount has since been set at $260, which, providing someone can break that troublesome bill, should prove small change.

(Via The State)

(Images: YouTube)


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