Dog delivers mysterious bakery gifts to owner


What's better than a regular dog? How about a dog who also doubles as a food delivery service?

But what about if you didn't know where the food was coming from. Would you still eat it?

That's the Sophie's Choice-esque dilemma which has been facing Australian man Michael Shaw who has been the focus of a bizarre bakery-themed gift campaign laid on by his golden retriever Gillie. In the past few days, he's received 12 loaves of bread and two packages of muffins.

The even weirder part of the story is that Shaw lives in a rural area near Sydney and the nearest store is a 10 minute drive.

Although Gillie has snacked on one pack of muffins, she's left the other offerings on the doorstep for her owner who is yet to indulge.

No neighbours have reported any missing bread and there have been no confirmed sightings of any Pagan bakery dog god as yet. As yet.

[via UPI]

(Image: Flickr Creative Commons: Elaine Vigneault)


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