Colombian President Wets Himself During Speech


While we’re well accustomed to gaffe-prone world leaders providing 'it's so cringe-worthy we can't watch' moments on camera, one man has just achieved an all-time low.

Clearly not adhering to the rule of ‘don’t wet yourself in public when re-running for office’, Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos did just this while giving a speech in the northern city of Barranquilla.

The clip (below) shows how a wet patch begins to form around the crotch of Santos, gradually becoming darker and damper as he carries on with the speech regardless.

The politician, first elected in 2010 and who’s since made serious moves in trying to halt the country’s civil war, will be aiming to conquer once more when the ballot boxes open on May 25, meaning there’s still plenty of campaign trail left to hit.

Next time he might want to hire a podium.


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