2600 snakes found in crate labelled 'Fruit'


Mistakenly labelling a shipment of fruit as 'Veg' can be a costly, but ultimately forgiveable mistake.

Alas, mistakenly labelling a crate of snakes with the word 'fruit' is criminal idiocy.

Indeed some 2,600 live snakes were discovered by Hong Kong customs when they opened a shipment from Thailand labelled 'fruit'.

The air cargo was made up of 2,400 common rat snakes and 200 cobras. It arrived days before the start of the Year of the Snake in the Chinese horoscope. It is unclear if they were shipped to be eaten - snakes are often found in soups, Chinese cuisine.

There is a potential seven-year prison sentence can be enforced in Hong Kong for smuggling cargo into the city.

Via: Digital Spy / Image: Rex

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