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It’s certainly a shame that Peep Show is over, but you can flog a horse as much as you want, and it’ll die eventually, so it was probably a good idea to end it on a relative high. Still, the fact remains that there’s a big Mitchell and Webb-shaped hole in our lives, and one that needs filling.

And filled it will become, with their new shoe, Back, which is written by a Peep Show writer: Simon Blackwell. This can only be good news, particularly once you check out the synopsis, which has more than a whiff of Peep about it.

The sitcom will follow Mitchell’s Stephen, a divorcee and failed lawyer, whose dad dies, forcing him to head home and take over the family pub. Webb’s character, Andrew, is a former foster child of Stephen’s mum, who has just returned after years of travelling. Essentially, the two then come to blows as Stephen takes quite a dislike to Andrew (even though his parents love him – in fact, probably because his parents love him).

So, Mitchell’s playing an anxious, uptight semi-failure, and Webb is playing a carefree trouble-maker? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

The show will also star Penny Downie as his mum Ellen, Louise Brealey is his sister Cass and Geoff McGivern as his uncle Geoff. Here’s ya first cast photo:

Or was that a promo photo from a previous series of Peep Show? I’ll let you decide when it airs on Channel 4 in early Autumn.

(Image: Channel 4)


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