This pop-up LEGO castle will blow your brain to smithereens

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Nick Pope

There’s loads of stuff on the internet that doesn't make any sense. Piers Morgan’s huge Twitter following; your socially-awkward cousin Neil’s furious, incoherent Facebook rants about Brexit; anything that’s ever been posted on 4chan.

But nothing compares to this. A video that is at once so magnificent and so confusing that it might just make you collapse into a sobbing heap at your desk.

Why, you ask?

YouTube user talapz has managed to build a rendering of UNESCO heritage-listed building Himeji-jo out of LEGO.

So far, so what? We get it.

Well, he’s only gone and turned it into a pop-up book. Watch it time and time again, and you’ll still not be able to figure out how he did it.

According to the YouTuber, the building took 15 months to create and required no adhesives, which is just black magic if you ask us. Watch the breakdown-inducing beauty above.


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