Parents really enjoy watching Ice Hockey son punching rival in the face

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Chris Sayer

A great parent is always there to support you in any decision you make, be it popping the question to your loved one, quitting your job, or even tearing off your sporting opponent's helmet and feeding him a big platter of fist sandwiches. 

Check out the mum and dad of Edmonton Oilers rookie defenseman Darnell Nurse, who together give their little ray of sunshine a rousing level of encouragement as he gets all punchy on the face of rival ice hockey player Max McCormick. 

Even unskilled lip readers among us can see that Nurse's father Richard, a former American Football player that played at college level for six years, offers his pride and joy some loving support with shouts of "beat his ass! BEAT HIS ASS!". Mum, on the otherhand, keeps things slightly more reserved with excited screaming and clapping. 

What blows our British minds though, aside from all this, is how seamlessly the two guys reporting on the match go from hockey commentators to boxing experts, with actual statistics about the two NHL players' fighting history. 

See the full-length scrap below. Ice hockey is one messed up sport.  


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