Man gets shot, goes on live TV, blows us away with how chilled out he is

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Chris Sayer

In America, turning up first to the scene of a shooting can make for grisly live TV. Thankfully, this reporter’s evening shift was a lot less stressful. A lot less.

Speaking directly to Illinois’ KHQA news team member Reyna Harvey, recently-shot Devon Hawkins recounts the near-fatal events that occurred in his home just hours before. Unbelievably, he’s so blasé about almost being blown away that the whole ‘being shot through the chest’ thing seems as routine as making a cup of tea.

“Y’know, I’m in the room, chillin’, kicking like I usually do, drinking, and somebody shot right through my back window and hit me in the chest,” he says down the microphone, before going on to describe his fresh and bloody injury as a “petty war wound.”

Mr Hawkins, you’ve definitely earned that cigarette (even if you are smoking it with a gaping hole in your lung). 


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Chris Sayer

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