Karen Gillan wants a word


This Saturday ShortList has big plans. Instead of enjoying the remaining dregs of the summer (like we even had one anyway), we’ll be sat in front of the TV for the brand-new series of Doctor Who, mainly because of the lovely Karen Gillan aka Doctor Who's Amy Pond.

Last year, we were lucky enough to feature a rather illuminating interview with the sci-fi pin-up. Illuminating because the delightful Gillan has succumbed to none of her profession's predilection for reticence in front of a microphone once fame comes-a-calling. But what was most revealing about our tête-à-tête was Gillan's state of dress. Or rather, state of undress. A vest and hot pants being the sum total of her adornment. So, without further ado, here are the pics, peppered, as they are, with some choice Gillan pearls of wisdom. And yes, you'll never look at a chaise longue in the same way...

Doctor Who returns on Saturday 27th August 7.10pm BBC ONE

(Images: Lee Jenkins)

  • Karen Gillan wants a word

    Karen Gillan

    "I don’t think I’d do a Lohan"

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 1

    Karen Gillan

    "Oh god, I’m a really boring person. What do I do? I eat quite a lot."

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 2

    Karen Gillan

    "I’d like to do something with the Coen brothers. I love No Country For Old Men."

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 3

    Karen Gillan

    "I went up to the Fringe in Edinburgh and realised how much I want to get back in to doing theatre. Doing some sort of one-woman show would be cool."

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 4

    Karen Gillan

    "Geeks tends to be quite funny and humour is so important."

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 5

    Karen Gillan

    "We’ve got the Loch Ness Monster, guaranteed. It’s there, I’ve seen it."

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 6

    Karen Gillan

    "You’ve got to have your own life and do what you want to do, but it is something I take into consideration and I wouldn’t want to fall around drunk or anything."

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 7

    Karen Gillan

    "I’ve got Matt Smith, and he’s not a bad kisser"

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 8

    Karen Gillan

    "I’ve had a deep-fried Mars bar. It’s really good. You should try one, all wrapped in batter."

  • Karen Gillan wants a word 9

    Karen Gillan

    "I used to think I would be a psychologist because that’s really interesting and I think I’m quite good at listening to people’s problems."


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