This video of Willem Dafoe talking about his gappy teeth is excellently strange


Like it or not, there are some physical traits of famous actors that once noticed can never be unseen. Ever.

Think Joaquin Phoenix’s creepy forehead face, Jared Leto’s Katy Perry eyes and Tom Cruise’s illogical middle tooth.

One other Hollywood star with rather unorthodox chompers is Willem Dafoe, although unlike the aforementioned attributes, his gap-toothed grin has been pretty impossible to miss, all but becoming a trademark for his characters. If a role’s needed a devious smile or some manic laughing – whatever the range, he’s flashed those babies.

And the man’s at it again, this time for Mind The Gap, an entire short film dedicated to his front fangs. Really.

Shot by actor/director Grigoriy Dobrygin, the oddly compelling film, which just made over $100,000 at annual children’s charity auction Action!, sees the actor address his prized asset:

“My father did talk about the virtues of spaces in your teeth, and described his and mine as ‘air cooled.’” 

No wonder he’s so good at chewing the scenery.