Please enjoy the greatest newspaper correction ever, courtesy of Roger Moore

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Dave Fawbert

In the wake of the death of Sir Roger Moore, the longest-serving James Bond, and star of The Saint, among many other hit shows, people have been sharing great stories to remember him; some so good that it is physically impossible not to get a little emotional about it.

And we’ve been reminded of another absolutely classic Moore moment which took place in 2014.

Mr Bond joined Twitter in 2010 and was constantly good value, never more so than when the Torquay Herald Express ran a story about him visiting their town and enjoying a snack en route:

However, Roger was quick to make quite possibly the most brilliant correction ever:

The apology was swift and comprehensive.

And, sure enough, an amazing headline on the clarification:

Absolutely tremendous.

And just try and say “Actually I had the ham hock terrine” without saying it in Roger Moore’s voice, whilst raising an eyebrow. You can’t do it. It’s impossible.

(Image: Rex)