Mark Ruffalo gave away the end of 'Avengers: Infinity War' last year and nobody noticed

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Obviously don’t read this article if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet

We’ll give you another chance - just stop reading if you don’t want the ending of Infinity War spoiled for you, because even a simple and careless flit of your pupils downwards may spell disaster for your potential enjoyment of the biggest movie of the year. If you don’t care, then fine, read on - it’s worth it just to watch a man suddenly realise, on camera, that he may be in quite a lot of trouble with Marvel.

You see, Mark Ruffalo was doing a standard interview about the film, when suddenly, and without any real prompt, he decided to bang out a big swinging spoiler, right in front of everybody. Here, look:

Yep, that’s Mark Ruffalo, aka Bruce Banner, there, saying:

“Wait until you see this next one – half… everybody dies!”

And yep, that’s Don Cheadle, aka James “Rhodey” Rhodes, there, saying:


Still, that was back in July, and nobody really noticed, so no worries there, really. Probably got away with it, did old Hulk.

Someone who may not have gotten away with it, however, is Tom Holland, or Spider-Man, who did much the same thing at a very recent screening of the film (he has a track record with this type of thing), by declaring “I’m alive” just before the movie:

He’s also been regularly paired with Benedict Cumberbatch to stop him doing exactly this sort of thing:

This is the exact reason I went on my own to see the film the very first day it came out - I WILL NOT HAVE MY LIFE RUINED BY THESE CARELESS MILLIONAIRES.

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