The final 'Jurassic World' trailer is here and it looks amazing

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Watch the final 'Jurassic World' trailer, roar etc 1

In case you hadn’t checked this website in the past few months - we’re pre-tay, pre-tay excited about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It’s at the very top of our must-see list this summer, basically, and it should be at the top of yours, too.

And if it’s not already, then surely it will be after you see the final trailer for the flick, that’s fresh off the presses, and can be found below, in all its teeth-baring glory. Enjoy:

Lots of things happening here, isn’t there? And as such, a lot of questions:

1. What is that new, sexy dinosaur that they’ve ‘invented’?

2. Why are there dinosaurs in people’s houses?

3. Where does one get one of those velociraptor-call devices?

4. How amazing is it to hear Jeff Goldblum utter “Welcome to Jurassic World” (even if it might be the most shoehorned-in line in movie history?)*

5. How - and this is the most important question - has the CGI in every Jurassic Park sequel not been as convincing as it was (and still is) in the original?

I presume all these questions and more will be answered when the film hits cinema screens on June 6th. To paraphrase a T-Rex: “I am extremely excited about this, look at me waving my tiny hands around.”

*Answer: very

(Image: Universal)


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