Alert! Alert! There's a new 'Deadpool 2' trailer!

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Gary Ogden
Alert! Alert! Here's a new 'Deadpool' 2 trailer!

Deadpool was fun, wasn’t it? Bit silly, a lot violent, a nice amount exciting - not really much more you can ask for, nowadays. Apart from a sequel - lots of people ask for them, and nine times out of ten, they’re granted one. And that’s no different here - we now have another look at the upcoming second installment of this particualr superhero franchise.

We’ve had glimpses of what to expect already so far, but this is our first pwopper look at Josh Brolin’s Cable, the bad guy of the piece, complete with big metal arm. Or not, as you’ll see in the trailer:

Bit kerr-ray-zee, that one there (nice shade to Justice League’s moustache-gate, though), but I guess that’s what’s to be expected, if both this and the first film’s marketing material is anything to go by. 

Case in point:

Alert! Alert! Here's a new 'Deadpool' trailer!

Still, the film looks good, no? Lots of fighting, lots of quipping, and Brolin looks hard as heck - think we’re in for a treat.

The film’s directed by John Wick’s David Leitch, written by the original’s writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beets, Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller. It’s out on 16 May, which isn’t too long to wait now, you impatient little cuties, you!

(Image: 20th Century Fox)


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