Can you beat the world's hardest movie certificate quiz?

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Gary Ogden

A weird skill I have, is the ability to tell you the certificate of any film you name. I originally thought this was just something that everybody knew, but it turns out it’s just me. I know if something is a 15, a PG, an 18, and *ahem* an R18 – it’s a pointless ‘talent’, but it’s one I have all the same.

So why not test if you have it too? Have a go at this quiz what I done made – look at the films, guess the BBFC certificate. Easy. (Nobody in the office got over 8, btw)

If you’re wondering why there aren’t any 12As – it’s because I’ve only chosen 12-rated films that have been classified for DVD. 12As are just for the cinema, don’t you know. Also, this is their current certificate – there’s at least one in there that has changed rating since it first came out...

Anyway, good luck:




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