An Irish weather reporter lost it this weekend and the internet went wild

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Joe Ellison

Residents of Galway, Ireland, must have thought it was the end of the world this past weekend.

In what could have easily be a token scene from a Hollywood disaster film trying to establish that Armageddon affects other countries as well, RTE weather reporter Teresa Mannion was filmed standing by a roadside without a brolly to highlight the horror of Storm Desmond - her look of anguish making it unclear as to whether it was rain or panic-induced tears streaming across her face.

Reports of "people in the water" only riled her even more, shrieking into the camera to warn people against swimming in the sea on the country’s west coast. She felt very strongly about that one.

Of course it wasn’t long before the report gained the attention of the internet and made her a global star. Heck, if Roland Emmerich’s still casting for his forthcoming sequel to Independence Day, Mannion's already got a show reel.

For now, you can watch the original clip and its parodies below.

A legend is born

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