These Japanese Game of Thrones books are absolutely insane


Dragons? Check. Fantastical swords? Check. Feuding kingdoms seeking to unite their island nation under a single banner? Check.

Given the above, A Song of Ice and Fire was always going to do well with Japanese fantasy fans. But just to make extra sure that readers took the time to notice George R R Martin's European-inspired Westeros, publishing house Hakayawa has added its own killer edge to the series, but commissioning digital artist Noriko Meguro to design the covers.

The obscure motifs and TV-inspired reprints of the UK releases pale in comparison to these Manga-like models, with highlights including Jon Snow's angular locks, the realised grit of Arya and the K-Pop hand signals of Samwell Tarly.

There's a lot of flesh on show, so you might want to skip over some of these if you're having a mid-work internet scroll. 

Now, if only we could get Martin to sanction a similarly themed Song of Ice and Fire anime series...

A Game of Thrones part 1 - with Jon Snow

A Game of Thrones part 2 - with Daenerys Targaryen

A Clash of Kings part 1 - with Arya Stark

A Clash of Kings part 2 - with Sansa Stark

A Storm of Swords part 1 - with Margaery Tyrell

A Storm of Swords part 2 - feature Tyrion Lannister

A Storm of Swords Part 3 - with Samwell Tarly

A Feast for Crows part 1 - with Jamie Lannister

A Feast for Crows Part 2 - Cersei Lannister

A Dance with Dragons part 1 – with Daenerys Targaryen

A Dance with Dragons Part 2 – with Bran Stark

A Dance with Dragons Part 3 – with Jon Snow


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