Exclusive Cover Reveal Of Jonathan Freedland's 'The 3rd Woman'


Grab your diary and turn to July. Put a great big smiley face on the 2nd, and start thinking up your best sick note excuse.

That's the day that Jonathan Freedland's latest novel is set to take over your waking hours - and we can reveal the cover right here.

Freedland is continuing to do his utmost to make the rest of us look work-shy: an award-winning journalist, you can find his weekly column in The Guardian, while his gentle tones can be heard of Radio 4's contemporary history series, The Long View

The 3rd Woman is his sixth novel: a high-concept thriller (you'll need to be concentrating) that follows the plight of journalist Madison Webb. Obsessed with uncovering the truth, Webb's life takes an unfortunate turn when she begins an investigation into her own sister's death. Refusing to follow the official line that Abigail’s death was an isolated crime, Madison discovers her sister was actually the third in a spate of killings that have been purposefully hushed up. 

You'll be able to read an extract of The 3rd Woman in the ShortRead on 29 April. Until then - gaze longingly at the cover.

The 3rd Woman is published on 2 July. You can order a copy here.


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