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This new iPhone feature could ruin your Tinder game


There's an unwritten etiquette to text messaging. Like queuing (never cut in). Or telling a stranger their fly is undone (don't even think about it - why are you looking at their crotch?).

Formal social: one kiss. Flirtatious or familiar: three kisses.

But a capital kiss? What, do you want to crawl out of their phone and hump their leg?

Yet a new, infuriating feature of the most recent iOS update has sparked a plague of unwitting eagerness - with a lower case 'x' now being corrected with an upper case equivalent. It's ruining people's flirt game.

But fret not - there are several ways to get around this keenest of issues.

Head to Settings, scroll down to General and hit Keyboard.


From here you have two options: you can either take the drastic step of turning off Auto-capitalisation, or creating your own Text Replacement.

Turning Auto-capitalisation off will result in you having to keep an eye on your own grammar skill to add the occasional capital when required.

In Text Replacement, you can add your own shortcut of replacing 'X' with 'x'. Because when was the last time you ever wrote 'X'?

Now, get back out there, you big flirt.



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