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Google Maps Gets Really Sassy If You Ask It The Wrong Question


You're seven years old. You have been strapped into the back seat of the car for what now feels like a third of your life. The seat belt is digging in to your neck, you can't feel your left foot any more and your juice box ran out about 20 minutes ago. 

Worse still, the question "Are we there yet?" is driving your parents into a dizzying rage. You can't understand why: you are in a car, its primary purpose to take you from somewhere to somewhere else. The most logical question arising from such a transaction is thus a case of distance and time - a existential concept clearly too complex for your parents. Pedants.

It's also a notion lost on Google Maps, but in a far more humorous fashion. 

The Google obsessives at Android Police have discovered that should you ask Google Maps "Are we there yet?" one too many times, the disembodied navigator will unleash her wrath upon you.

Poor thing. We imagine it's pretty stressful trying to communicate with satellites and map out current traffic details. We'll stop pestering her in future.



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