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The Origami Disposable Paper Razor


The paper cut is, essentially, the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone. The indescribable agony that such a seemingly inoffensive material can bring to you is one of life's great unwanted surprises.

But designer Nadeem Haidary has decided to use this evil for good, by creating what purports to be the world's first razor made entirely out of paper. The idea would be to flat-pack sell them; the user would then use a couple of origami steps to create the three-dimensional blade and then, hey presto, off you go. Naturally, they would be created using waterproof paper and then recycled straight after use.

All well and good in theory and the gif below looks seriously impressive. But when you can still cut your face with a 'safe' razor, who can imagine the agony if your paper one takes a nick? We're not sure it's worth the risk.

Find out more at Haidary's website.

(Images: Nadeem Haidary)



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