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9 (slightly scary) secrets that cabin crews don't tell you about flying

“Your exits are located here, here and here, and BTW, don’t drink the water.”

If all cabin crew were sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, this is the sort of pre-flight announcement we could expect to hear before climbing to 33,000ft.

The kings and queens of ‘service with a smile’ may be non-stop beaming from ear to ear as they serve you that delicious mid-air lasagne, but behind those perfect hair dos and happy faces lies a bunch of airborne secrets that have never been revealed unto paying customers.

Until now.

A user at question-and-answer site Quora recently asked: ‘What are some things that airline cabin crews know, but won’t tell you?”

The answers flew in, with a handful of seasoned air stewards and stewardesses dropping some unexpected truths and tips that we’ll definitely be keeping in mind before jetting off on our summer holidays. Buckle up, because here's our pick of the best…

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