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Why planet earth needs Tom Hanks


With Hollywood running out of wholesome leading men by the second, it’s great to know that one actor remains impervious to tabloid scandal in this TMZ-tinted world, a glorious ray of sunlight in an otherwise gloomy time for the A-list.

That's right: Tom Hanks, who, continuing his run of being utterly lovely to random strangers – and not in a creepy Bill Murray sense – just approached a couple of newlyweds in New York’s Central Park to congratulate them on their eternal union, and even found time to pose for a few impromptu photos.

And they say don’t meet your heroes…

So without further ado, come with us as we celebrate all the reasons we should feel honoured that we exist in the same universe, at the same time, as Tom Hanks...

He truly is the king of the photobomb

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Oscar-winning actor has caught unsuspecting randomers off-guard. He doesn't even care if you're sleeping.

We know this doesn't count, but still...

Remember this Carly Rae Jepsen video?

I Really Like You. A song not written about Tom Hanks but, given how much he made us collectively swoon, probably should have been.

He collects typewriters

A boring hobby? Think again. Owning over 50 typewriters produced in the 1940s, Hanks is only too aware of how rustically cool these classic machines are, even choosing to write much of his correspondence on them - which ultimately proved his downfall in 2012, after the "diabolical" people at Nerdist persuaded him to go on their podcast by gifting him with a "snazzy" 1934 Smith Corona portable, resulting in this excellent letter.


Oh and he's right:

His goodness is infectious

The acting giant's attempts to go incognito while working in California last year were rumbled when he bought four boxes of Girl Scout cookies and tipped $20. The parents noticed it was him and once his cover was blown he helped the girls sell even more treats by posing for snaps with passersby in return for sales.


The good karma clearly paid off as just a few weeks later Hanks lost his credit card in New York and one man returned it. God bless you, Tony.

Eventually stumbling upon someone else's ID card, he took to Twitter to find the owner, the bloody charmer.

This is how he once autographed Toy Story

Talk about a Buzz kill.


He has better anecdotes than you ever will


Even Alan Partridge himself would struggle to eclipse that. But if you thought his 'Peeping Tom' gag was good, just wait until you watch this emotional clip, taken from the funeral of his late Green Mile co-star Michael Clarke Duncan.

Wait, does he think he's in an actual movie?

On the one hand, it would explain the man's eternal merriment. On the other hand, let's enjoy it while it lasts.

He signs off his Tweets with 'Hanx'

If anyone should be saying Hanx, it's us. The world owes you a huge debt. Keep up the good work, sir.


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