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Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a real thing


You awake from a drool-covered slumber, rolling your head to the cold side of the pillow and allowing your pores to soak up that icy cotton before you assess your exit strategy.

On one side of the bed lies a day of pure joy, the speediest of commutes and that promotion you’ve been itching for. The other? A day of dejection, misfiring PowerPoint Presentations and rain. Lots of rain.

That's right, we're not the only ones plagued by superstitious thoughts about which side of the bed to get out of, and it turns out we've been looking for the left side all along…

According to a new study by Sealy UK, people who get out of bed on the left were not only more likely to be in a better mood that those who chose the right, but also found to have more friends and enjoy their job by a margin of between four and ten per cent.

That said, out of the 1,000 adults polled, those who admitted to leaving the bed on the right hand also admitted they weren’t really morning people anyway, preferring their own company and being unashamedly grouchy after hitting the alarm.

So there you have it: unless you’re one of those people whose bed is pushed up against a wall, you can now approach the day exactly how you’d like.

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