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VIDEO: Guitarist Quits Mid-Gig


A rock band is a delicate organism, perpetually on the verge of disintegrating. Competing egos, and months on tour living in each other's pockets turn the smallest niggles into major problems.

Or perhaps it's glaringly obvious that you are the real talent in this outfit. The others are just hangers-on, getting rich off your work. It's time to go solo and get the respect that you're clearly due.

For one man in the Pennsylvanian band Winter's Mistress, however, the moment he decided that he should take this course of action was during the middle of a gig. Artistically frustrated and in the middle of another Bon Jovi cover, it was time for him to take the plunge into solo glory.

Why he decided to smash his own guitar to announce this is, as yet, unexplained.

Image: Rex



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