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This is what would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time


Short only of actually coming together and trying it out (please, guys?), Business Insider has come up with the definitive answer to the pressing question: "What would happen if all 7 billion people on Earth jumped at the exact same time?" 

Their animated video explains that if the world's population gathered in New York City (where we could all actually fit, how's that for a morning mind-boggle?) and jumped one foot in the air, we could have quite an impact on our planet.

Astrophysicist Paul Sutter from The Ohio State University and physicist Mark Boslough at Sandia National Laboratories helped answer the question, and this is how it would go down: 

When we all landed after our jump, we'd release a massive amount of energy into the ground. This would result in a clapping sound of 200 decibels - the loudest possible sound ever created on earth. Spoiler alert: this could shatter your ear drums. 

World jump

The ground would then begin to shake, and if we decided to jump near a coast (second spoiler alert: don't), we could trigger a tsnumai. Even further inland, however, we could trigger an earthquake between the 4-8 magnitude range, which could potentially cause destruction to buildings and infrastructure. 

So on second thoughts, let's not, guys. Let's all meet on Saturday for a nice safe game of Laser Quest instead.



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