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This guy just gave the creepiest gameshow answer ever, and now we need a cold shower


If you’ve never watched the American quiz show Jeopardy, here’s the deal: the host reads out an answer, and contestants vie to guess the corresponding question as quickly as possible.

It’s a fairly instinctual game, and has produced some pretty weird responses over the years – but none, we dare say, as bone-chillingly creepy as the answer uttered by last Friday’s contestant, Tom.

Host Alex Trebek posed this quandary:


Tom’s answer? Urgh, you can probably guess...

Oh god. That was pretty damn uncomfortable, wasn't it? You could built a multi-story car park on that silence. 

But just as a reminder that Jeopardy can be used as a force for good, here's Saturday Night Live's legendary take on the American prime-time institution. 



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