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Theresa May admits she'd nuke 100,000 people


In the top ten sentences you don't want your new prime minister to say, right under, "No, I did not have sexual relations with that pig" is "Killing innocent men, women and children? Sure. Yep. Cool".

This is the gist of what Theresa May said yesterday, in her first Commons debate since she was made PM, when she admitted she was completely prepared to use nuclear weapons. 

"Can we cut to the chase? Is she personally prepared to authorise a nuclear strike that can kill a hundred thousand innocent men, women and children?" SNP MP George Kerevan asked her. 

It's the sort of question that's designed to make you think, feel a little bad, wonder whether you're doing the right thing. 

"Yes," replied Theresa May.

The pair were speaking in a debate about renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent - which was later voted for by a majority of 355 MPs. 

"I have to say to you, the whole point of a deterrent is that our enemies need to know that we would be prepared to," said Mrs May. 

"Unlike some suggestions that we could have a nuclear deterrent but not actually be wiling to use it, which come from the Labour Party frontbench."




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