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Leave voters think the EU referendum is being rigged with pencils


Pencil can be rubbed out. This is the genius conclusion that voters across England have come to today, after noticing that the utensils provided at polling stations are of the lead, not ink, variety. 

And sure, you, know, pencil can be rubbed out - and there really isn't anyone better to point this out than James Bond. 

But if MI5 really did want to rig the results of the referendum - something 28% of voters actually believe - we think they'd probably come up with a better solution than a three-pack of Staedtlers and a risk of Repetitive Strain Injury. 

Like stuffed ballot boxes. Or Tippex. 

Pencils have been used at polling stations for hundreds of years, as, according to a spokesperson from the Department of the Environment, they are “more sustainable and, above all, more reliable.” This is because if the papers got wet, the pencil wouldn't run like ink might.

But sure, take your pen. What are the chances of the papers getting wet anyway? 




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