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We didn’t stop Paul Nuttall when we had the chance and now he’s comparing himself to Gandhi


Remember Gandhi? Pleasant chap, did a lot to challenge the status quo. Bald fella with glasses.

Bit like Paul Nuttall, right?

Well, no. For a lot of reasons, none of which we feel we really even need to go into in that much detail.

But that hasn’t stopped the UKIP head honcho invoking the Indian civil rights leader during an interview at a racecourse in Wolverhampton. Yeah, we’re just gonna leave that one there.


Pictured: Gandhi, not Paul Nuttall. They're apparently easy to confuse

“It is a bit like the Gandhi thing – first they laugh at you, then they attack you, and then you win,” Nuttall told the Express and Star.

Yes, he used the words “a bit like the Gandhi thing”. In the same way that…actually, no, there’s no comparison that could even be 10% as ridiculous as that.

"Unfortunately on this issue we seem be on the laughing or the mocking phase which I think is wrong as I feel the issues we raised were so important,” he added.

So they’re just laughing at you, Paul. It’s a bit like the Jim Davidson thing – first they laugh at you, then you say something dodgy in public, and then you stop getting a big stage and have to resort to making public appearances at any venue that will take you in a desperate bid to stay relevant.



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