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You can now use a dick pic as a password, though we’re not sure why you’d choose to


It can be tough to remember all the different passwords for every single website you use.

If only there was a foolproof way to get onto your favourite sites without getting locked out for too many incorrect guesses.

A fingerprint? Waste of time. Password manager? Never heard of it. We’re talking about using a dick-pic as a password. Because if there’s ever been a thing that no one else can forge, it’s a photograph of your penis.

As reported by Mashable, webcam platform CamSoda (of course it’s a webcam platform) has been testing out its new ‘Dick-o-metrics’ technology, and it needs your penis.


Well, ‘needs’ might be a bit strong, but you have been invited to upload a pic of your junk in lieu of a password. Why you would choose to do so…well that’s a different matter altogether.

It’s a trade-off: less time wasted trying to remember that tricky webcam password, but more time naked from the waist down. We suppose your preference will come down to where your life’s priorities lie.

The problem, of course, will come when your dick pic gets rejected not just by its intended recipient but by a faceless internet scanning system.

It’s a painful moment for anyone, only made worse when you try to explain yourself and get accused of spinning…wait for it…a cock and ball story.

Knew those 200 words of set-up were worth it.

(Main image: CamSoda)



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