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Man lies about being able to play the piano, instantly regrets it


If you've never seen a sitcom before, this is basically an extremely classic premise:

And here's the farcical get-out-of-jail doomed-to-failure Hail Mary scheme the hero concocts to get out of their initially innocuous white lie:

And here are the sadistic studio audience lapping up and adding to the schadenfreude:

With his hand presumably poised, hovering in between a car door and a mousetrap, Javier Acosta's calamitous pal started receiving suggestions, ranging from the largely unhelpful:

To the ambitious:

To the audacious:

To the inspired:

To the you-won't-believe-it-but-this-actually-worked:

So there you go. If you ever find yourself in a jam, either broadcast your humiliation to the kindly strangers of the internet, or else just say you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Don't want to go to the gym? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Can't be bothered to play badminton with that guy from your office who always asks? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Your flatmate bothering you about doing that mountain of washing up you've let accumulate? Carpal tunnel syndrome. At a boring party and need an excuse to leave? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Not feeling doing any operations today, even though you're a senior surgeon? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Haven't written your best man speech? Carpal tunnel syndrome. In the dock for a crime you did commit but don't really want to go to jail? Carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome. A thousand times carpal tunnel syndrome.



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