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Man fed up with the Referendum takes out awesome full page newspaper ad


Whichever way today's referendum ends up going, just be thankful that at least it'll all be over.

Months of mud-slinging, lies, damned lies, dodgy statistics and fear that has bitterly divided a country will finally come to an end, but there's no doubt that it has been a hugely disappointing campaign from both sides who have summarily failed to set out clear and logical arguments, instead resorting largely to schoolyard insults and figures plucked out of the air.

However, one man, describing himself as "fed up" decided enough was enough and paid for a full page advert in the Metro this morning to make a straightforward argument.

It simply shows a pie chart which displays the percentage of migrants compared to the overall population - 0.5%, per year.

Below it, he writes "Paid for out of my own pocket because I'm fed up with the rubbish being talked about immigration. Vote Remain or Leave, up to you, but do it based on facts not fear. Happy voting! Cheers, Laurence Taylor."

He also added, "…Oh by the way if we Leave and we want access to the single market (40% of our exports I think), then people would have to accept free movement of people… We could always try to negotiate something different but how successful do you think that would be given that everyone else including Norway has to. OK I’ll stop there. Just getting my money’s worth."

Referendum Advert

He explained further to the Metro, "The reason I placed the ad is I’m fed up with the lot of them – Cameron, Farage and comedy Boris. Fed up with the lies and the scare stories. It’s up to us voters to go and get the facts and work it out for ourselves. Simple bit of division: 330k migrants = 0.5% of population. Money we send to the EU = 1% of our national budget. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so much of an issue. So why all the panic?"

He added that he didn't want any extra publicity, saying, "I’d be pretty nervous about going any more public than I already have. I’ve spent my life NOT wanting to be famous! Only put my name on that ad because I had to."

If only our politicians were as straight with us as Laurence, the world would be a better place.



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