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How to lie at poker

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When it comes to poker, you need to know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em and when to bluff with near-sociopathic coolness. Body language expert Robert Phipps (promoting Lie To Me: Series 3 out now on DVD), tells us how.

A. “Give nothing away. Whether you have good or bad cards, keep the same actions. People can pick up on small unconscious patterns, but by retaining automaton composure, you’re unreadable.”

B. “Alternatively, you can try to throw your competitors off the scent. If you want them to think you have a bad hand, hunch your shoulders slightly when you look at your cards — this is a sign of tension. Licking your lips is a sign of stress, as is blinking.”

C. “Any hand-to-face ‘thinking’ gesture can imply you’ve got a bad hand. You wouldn’t need to think if you had a royal flush, so appearing perplexed makes others question your cards.”

D. “Finally, try filming a poker session with you and your friends. You’ll be able to see what patterns you fall into, and then recreate them to your advantage in future games.”

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