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Canadian man mowing lawn is entirely not arsed by massive tornado behind him

TornadoMan-Theusis Wessels.jpg

The thing about housework is the more you put it off, the worse it gets.

Don’t wash the dishes immediately? Cereal hardens in the bowl and it becomes a pain.

Don’t empty the bins immediately? Sooner or later everything begins to stink.

Don’t do the gardening when the weather is good? End up mowing the lawn while there’s a sodding tornado out back.

Theunis Wessels caused a bit of a storm this weekend after his wife Cecilia took a photo of him mowing the lawn with a tornado swirling behind him.

Apparently, cutting the lawn was on the Alberta native’s “to do” list, so Theunis persisted with working despite the nosy distraction and protestations from his wife and nine-year-old daughter to come inside.

Theunis reasons for not being put off? He was “keeping an eye on it”; saying his decision to keep working comes from the tornado being actually much further away than it appears in the photo, and that it was moving away from him.

"I literally took the picture to show my mum and dad in South Africa, 'Look there's a tornado,' and now everyone's like, 'Why is your husband mowing the lawn?"' Cecilia Wessels said on Saturday to CBC News.

"Our whole street, everyone was on their back patios taking pictures," she added.

Apparently Theunis said his experience of battling tornados comes from watching a TV programme about storm chasers. Rather than having testicles denser than a collapsed star.

Luckily there have been no reports of injuries from the tornado, just a few downed trees and a barn with its roof tipped off.

Is this the most badass piece of housework ever performed? We think Theunis will be dining out on this for a while...



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