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Bradley Cooper Plays Air Guitar Brilliantly On Jimmy Fallon

Speaks French? Check. Oscar nominated? Check. Sexiest Man Alive award? Check. Amazing on the air guitar…
The list of reasons to feel envious of handsomely paid and handsomely featured Bradley Cooper grows ever longer, as last night on Jimmy Fallon’s show the American Sniper star revealed another skill: shredding an imaginary axe to the sweet sounds of Neil Young’s Down By The River.
Seriously, if they gave out Grammies for Best Live Act On Air Guitar, Cooper would crush all in his path such is the obvious talent he has for it. The performance isn’t just funny – he’s sporting one giant hairpiece for one, and serenading audience members for another – it’s timed perfectly.
The actor will have had to put some serious practice into this at some point along the line, making us all feel a bit less guilty for indulging in bedroom axe solos. Because if anyone makes it cool, it's Bradley Cooper in a giant wig.



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