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A British person just ‘won’ the Republican Presidential Debate according to the Internet


It's been a flummoxing week for our American friends as an influx of Britishness threatens their way of life. 

First, they were thrown blinking and baffled into the world of sausage rolls.

Then a Brit, Gerard Baker, moderated the Rebublican Debate for the first time ever. Like the Simon Cowell of a political show (with Donald Trump as the token joke act), viewers were left as bemused as they were when Cheryl tried to go stateside. 


At first they wondered if he was even British with the question: "Is Gerard Baker British?" trending on Twitter.

Then history stirred emotions. 

Then came the jokes.

And then the internet welcomed him with open arms.

In fact, Gerard Bakes is editor-in-chief at the Wall Street Journal and is a former BBC and Times journalist. He's also an Oxford-educated economist with a degree in politics. 

So in essence, the guy asking the questions was considerably more qualified than the ill-haired candidate running for president of the most powerful country in the world. 




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