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1 in 4 men want Internet Brain Implant: You Game?


We love the internet – naturally. And even though we spend all day staring at it, we could still do with more. More internet. Just saying it sounds so satisfying. What’s better than the internet? More internet, obviously.

So, with that in mind, and thinking that we were fairly representative of most chaps, we were surprised to learn that a mere 27 per cent of our fellow bloke species would up for having an implant placed in their brain that would allow them to view the internet. Whenever. They. Liked.

The survey, commissioned by the National Media Museum in Bradford, was designed to uncover our attitudes to the World Wide Web, a piece of technology, lest we forget, that is still, remarkably, in its infancy.

So, what have we got to say about the findings? Well, it goes without saying that 73 per cent of our fellow men are fools. And, secondly, where do we sign up for this chip? More internet remember.

And relax.



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