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How to jump from a first floor window and survive

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Whether it be a blazing blaze or merely the fiery temper of a cuckolded husband, there may come a time when you need to propel yourself from a first floor window.

Jan Barcikowski of Mattessons Fridge Raiders ‘Team Primal’ free running team brings us down to earth.

1. “You’re literally jumping from the window sill and landing with a roll. First, check your take-off surface to ensure it is secure and that you won’t slip. Get in a crouched position, arms by your side and literally step off, looking straight at all times, keeping your chest forward. Put as much power as you can into travelling forward. This won’t make the impact any greater, but will give you the momentum you need to roll.”

2. “You want to be coming into your roll straight, so it is important to stay symmetrical. For stability in the air it will help to slightly tuck your legs in, but keep your eyes on your landing zone at all times as the ground will be rushing towards you very quickly.”

3. “Just before you land, open out your legs in the direction of the ground, which hopefully should be below you. Keep them slightly limp. Have you arms out in front of you ready to go into the roll.”

4. “Now the roll. It’s similar to a forward roll /but/ you drop one shoulder. So, instead of going over your head, you’re rolling along your back. Your head’s to one side so that it hardly touches the floor. Place your hands down to give extra support and direction. It’s important to implement it at the right time. You need to start the roll the second your feet touch the ground, displacing the downward force along your back an dspreading out the shock.”



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