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The 10 most expensive cities to buy a round of drinks have been revealed

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Doing rounds is sometimes good, sometimes bad. It is good because it makes things easy, and it’s just sort of the normal thing that you’re supposed to do. It is bad because it never works out fair, and often, people get away with not buying any drinks for the whole night. Still, it’s just something everyone (almost everyone – you know who you are) does, and that’s the way cookie crumbles, buster.

So if you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it somewhere cheap, but where is cheapest? Where don’t you want to be stuck buying everyone’s drinks?

Well, Paris, basically. The most expensive city in the world to buy a round of drinks, where you’re going to have to hand over an average of £13.68 for a round consisting of a beer, a coffee, a bottle of water and a coke (aka the world’s most boring round). Pretty stupid, right? That’s 40% more than in London, which, if you’ve ever visited, you’ll understand that you have to be able to shit money to afford to buy a round.

Here are the rest of the cities, in order:

Dubai – £12.87
New York – £11.98
Hong Kong – £11.59
Chicago – £10.96
Singapore – £10.90
Sydney – £10.88
Los Angeles – £10.45
Aukland – £10.43
Melbourne – £10.30

But where’s London? I hear you think (I CAN HEAR YOU THINK). Well, it’s just outside the top 10, at number 11, with an average round-price of £9.90. Of course, if you were buying an actual round on a night out, so instead of coffee, water and coke, you’re buying beers like a real person, it’s going to cost a lot more. In my experience: £10,000. I dread to think how many francs that’d put you back in Paris.

So where do you go for the cheapest? You bunch of hard-fisted tightwads? Well, here:

Cairo – £3.92
Cape Town – £4.75
Lima – £5.30
Mumbai – £5.34
New Delhi – £5.40
Bangkok – £5.52
Rio de Janeiro – £6.47
Mexico City – £6.51
Istanbul – £6.73
Santiago – £6.75

So there you go – if you’re a Massive Michael Money Bags, head to Paris, but if you’re a Hard-up Harry, then head to Cairo. Alternatively, just buy a round of super-strength lagers from the corner shop and have a night in with your cat. Knowing him though, he’ll duck out the cat-flap when it’s his round, the stingy little prick.



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